a kid named robert

a kid named robert

Monday, March 24, 2008


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Sunday, March 2, 2008

World Studies

Stalin Around

The article is about a guy named Stalin, and how he controls the USSR. How he is changing the whole Government. He says the plans are for the better, but some people say not. So what is really going on in the USSR.

What the Soviet Government would like people to believe in the field of the school systems was growing and more people was going to school. There would be schools in almost every industrialized city. The schools made every citizens literate. In the field of religion Stalin let everybody convert back to their own religion. He only said that they would change their religion because that is what everybody else would do. In the field of health everybody had free health care. Every collective farm had a clinic where you could be checked out, and you was always had the best health care. Every doctor had enough knowledge to cure almost all sorts of viruses. In the field of arts all the art forms had to be made and turned to view the communists ways, and to show that they had everything done right and the would make the USSR a better place. In the field of issues for women they held the same respect as men, and could take roles in the government as high power leaders. They also have almost all the same rights as men. In the field of Industrialization Stalin is setting up five-year plans to increase steel , coal, oil, & electricity. In the field of Agrarian the food quality went up. Grain production increased. The collective farms were efficient and productive. In the field of the Communist party was set to no classes. Everyone did their share of work. Well this comes to the end of this section. Now lets take a look at what really is going on.

What I learned from other Soviet sources is that schools are lacking utilities and are cheaply built, and the teachers pass everyone to protect themselves. Stalin was set on making all religion eradicated. Hospital was lacking medical supplies and doctors were poorly taught. Most of the population was not in the Communist party. Women had not gained but had lost most of their rights. They were "encouraged" to stay at home and keep raise the children. Factories only produced what meet the quota. The cloths were all made poorly because they would forget buttons, and pockets. During collectivization many people died, most were murdered. Some where even sent away to camps. It also led to famine in most regions of the country. Even the housing was badly built. Most didn't have utilities, and some people were even left without them. So now does this change a view of Stalin.

In the era of Stalin all the citizens feared that they would always have to live under your reign. They was always mistreated. Everyday was almost the same. They got up at set times, worked all day to meet the standards of Stalin. Then they would sleep long enough to do it all over again.

Friday, February 29, 2008


I am always confused when it comes to friends. Their actions can be so different at times. You think you know them, and nothing can surprise you when it comes to them and what they do. Then you find out they have done something so stupid that you thought they got past, or would never do. That's the part that gets me. People have so may actions that you can never able to pin them. But when it comes to friends you should at lest be able to know what you expect. Sometimes friends don't do stuff like that, but then you got the friends that do. They like don't care what they have done, and they think it only affects them, and what they do. But what someone does can affect a lot of people and sometimes they don't always understand that. So here i am writing about friends when i might be the only person with this problem. But i know that I'm not, so some friends might not be as good as you think, cause that's how mines turning out.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Kid Named Robert

A kid named Robert was born on the 14th of April, in the year of 1992. That kid has had many years since then, he is now 15, and almost 16. He now resides in Northridge(Dayton), Ohio. He plans to go away for college, maybe. But over all Robert plans to come back. He wants to take up the challenge of teaching. He wants to spread the knowledge of World Studies to the young mind of high school students. His wishes are to teach at his home school. So Robert kind of has his future set out for him. But as for now, he is still going to high school, trying to make his impact on life. He is doing good in school, and every where else. Well that's really all I have to say about Robert.